Ximo Tebar; The Mediterranean Jazz Guitar. New CD Celebrating The New Son Mediterraneo 25th

VIDEOCLIP CD XIMO TEBAR “SOLEO” The New Son Mediterraneo Celebrating 25th. Warner 2016

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  • Produced by Ximo Tebar
  • Executive producer: Amparo Tebar
  • Edition & Distribution: 
    • Warner Music (EU)
    • Sunnyside Records (USA)
  • Management & Booking: www.tebarasociados.com

Boton idioma CASTELLANO




XIMO TEBAR «SOLEO BAND» (Live – En Directo)


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Ximo Tebar, the Mediterranean Jazz Guitar

LINER-NOTES CD “Celebrating Son Mediterráneo 25th” by José Pruñonosa

What came first Flamenco jazz or Mediterranean jazz? It is clear that Flamenco Jazz is indeed Mediterranean Jazz. However… what exactly is Mediterranean Jazz? Should we look for its origins in the founders of Italian jazz at the post-war era? Or, is it not necessary to search so far back to find a more recent and contemporary Mediterranean entity in the Laietana way or the room Zeleste?

Paco de Lucia, Pedro Irrutalde, Jorge Pardo and many others who followed, created a historic line that is renowned, but, what happened to the historic path created by Tete Montoliu in his Flamenco versions or in his Boleros? This was pure Bop under Mediterranean light, with a touch of flamenco… but there was something else that made it different.

Regardless of how it is, or what we decide to name it, there are many of us who think that there is a jazz with a Levante entity, which contains some elements of Flamenco Jazz without being pure, since it shares the influence of Mompou, Satie…, which renders tribute to Maestro Rodrigo while evoking colorful sounds of open chords, bright tensions. If this Levante entity of Mediterranean Jazz truly exists, without a doubt its name is Ximo Tebar.

In 1995 Ximo coined the term «Son Mediterraneo» are the self-titled album released by Warner, to describe an aesthetic that had actually arisen in his cd «Anis del Gnomo» 1990, and had been developed in his later works «Live in Russia» 1991, «Te Kiero con “K” 1992, «Homepage» 1998 and «Embrujado» 2002.

Thus Son Mediterraneo’s 25th Anniversary comes to celebrate the maturity of these jazz aesthetics, with a new project that borrows some of the work of the first Son Mediterraneo, like Tarantza and of course, the golden badge Son Mediterraneo; while combining them with new compositions such as Soliloquio, Soleo y Luna Llena as well as two very special arrangements: Nardis of Miles Davis in an Afro-flamenco key, and a tribute to Jaco Pastorius: Jaco Opus Town, which is more of a re-composition than a conventional arrangement, combining both Teen Town and Opus Pocus, in the best line of contemporary electronic fusion, also harvested by Ximo Tebar.

Son Mediterraneo “25th anniversary” is not only a celebration of a quarter of a century of aesthetics, but also a celebration of the “25th anniversary” of the recording career of our most international Jazz guitarist: Ximo Tebar

Text extracted from the book “Ximo Tébar, la guitarra del jazz mediterráneo” by José Pruñonosa